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November 24, 2018 - California Interscholastic Federation State Championships - Woodward Park, Fresno - 8:30 AM - State Itinerary    State Information

Boys 3-Peat, Score 18 Points, Break NCS Team Time Record

Han & Marquez Qualify for State!

November 20, 2018 - North Coast Section Championships - Hayward High School, Hayward - Division 1 Boys @ 8:30 AM, Division 1 Girls @ 9:20 AM - Story to come...  NCS Results    NCS Schedule Change

Boys 3-Peat, Sweep All Divisions; Marquez Makes All-EBAL Team

November 3, 2018 - EBAL Championships - Shadow Cliffs Regional Park, Pleasanton - 1:00 PM - Story to come...  EBAL Results    EBAL Photos    EBAL Evaluation Form    EBAL Warmup    EBAL Lineup    EBAL Goals Form    Shadow Cliffs EBAL (NEW!) Course Map

October 20, 2018 - Mariner Invitational - Hayward High School, Hayward - 9:00 AM - Story to come...    Mariner Results    Mariner Evaluation Form    Mariner Warmup    Mariner Lineup (update #2 10/18/18 @ 9:20 PM)    Mariner Goals Form    Hayward High School Course Tour    Hayward High School Course Map    Hayward High School All-Time List    Mariner Meet Information

Frosh/Soph & JV Boys 2nd; 11 Medal

October 6, 2018 - Clovis Invitational - Woodward Park, Fresno - The Sweet Tomatoes in Fresno was not prepared for the influx of Dublin athletes on the day before the Clovis Invitational. The long-awaited overnight trip brought successes across the board.

The Varsity girls had to be early risers for the day, due to their race being at 7:45 in the morning. The ideal weather conditions contributed to the praiseworthy performances of the team. Rylee Turpin (20:03.3) was able to bolt past Danielle Han (20:04.5) in the last few meters of the race, with both athletes keeping a sub 6:30-mile pace throughout the 5K. Skylar La (21:40.3) had one of the biggest time improvements of the day from the previous year, shaving more than 3 minutes off of her time. 

The JV girls continued their positive momentum from the previous meet, with every girl on the team getting a personal record on the Woodward Park course. Their times fell more than the ceiling at the University Square Hotel. Sara Morrison (24:06.9) moved up 20 places during the 2nd mile, resulting in more than a 2-minute improvement from her time on the course last year. Natasha Jimenez (25.09.9) PRed by a minute on the course, keeping an 8:05 average despite racing during the hottest time of the day. Xiolani Page-Smith (33:07.8) was able to lower her average pace by 30 seconds per mile in this race compared to the Hayward Scrimmage, setting herself for a successful second half of the season. 

Though first-timers to the Clovis Invitational made up a majority of the girls Frosh-Soph team, their ability to make moves in the 2nd and 3rd miles would suggest that they were veterans. Maia Marquez (19:25.3) finished 3rd in the invitational out of almost 200 girls, despite the fact that near the end of the race she ran on the root-filled grass while her competition cruised by on the concrete. Katie Lai (21:00.6) barely missed breaking 21 minutes, but her perseverance after a rough 2nd mile to take back the 6 places she lost is enough to be commended. Alejandra Remolina (24:07.7) wasn’t phased by her aggressive start, and though she fell back a little during the later parts of the race she still kept an average mile pace that was 8 seconds faster per mile than her last race at Ed Sias. Isabel DuBois (27:33) took the Woodward Park course head-on, staying under 9 minutes per mile despite it having much more hills than the Farmer Invitational two weeks prior. 

The Championship Boys race was the first boys race that Dublin ran in. Loic Scomparin (15:22.7), fueled by kidney beans and olive oil, was able to finish in 10th place overall and PR by almost 7 seconds. Christopher Middleton-Pearson (15:31.7) who able to keep a 17th place spot in the championship race and get a personal record. He will be back with a vengeance at States. Kyle Morrison (16:26.7) improved by 7 seconds from his time at Clovis the previous year and contributed to the success of his fellow teammates by encouraging them to be in front of him, just as he does in workouts. 

The JV boys were able to score second as a team in their race, with a 1-5 spread of just 25 seconds. Sebastian Munoz-Arroyo (17:13.4) moved up 4 places in the last mile to get 18th place and shaved off more than 45 seconds from his time at the course last year. Gabriel Schroeder (17:50.1) also dropped more than 45 seconds from last year. Everett Sundstrom (19:25.4) had a great performance despite the absence of his racing buddy Kai.

The Frosh-Soph boys also won 2nd as a team in their race, with Grayson Young (16:39.6) coming 3rd overall and earning an individual medal. Cole Turpin (17:06.0) had a race worthy of a Fortnite dance celebration; however, recent bans on such dances may cause him and the rest of the freshman class to reconsider. 

After Clovis, the Dublin Gaels came home with 11 individual medals, 2 team plaques, and a newfound appreciation for portable chargers, Cory the bus driver, and milk with ice.

Dublin Gaels were also representing the program down at the Crystal Springs Invitational. When the lead bike is replaced with a lead motorcycle, you know the course is no joke. In the JV race, Andres Palma (17:48.45) earned a medal for his 18th place finish. Jaden Valle (17:40.23) and Kai Lin (18:38.17) also medaled in their races, getting 12th and 23rd place respectively. Arvind Kumar (19:50. 72) broke his 2.95-mile pr and is finally getting the hang of the whole not losing your chip thing. Brian Lin (19:13.96) was also able to break his time from Scott Bauhs.

Now the Gaels will have 2 weeks before their next race at the Mariner Invitational, where they will continue to have outstanding personal records and team scores. 
Clovis Results    Clovis Photos    Clovis Warmup    Clovis Itinerary    Woodward Park Course Tour    Clovis Website

Lin, Palma & Valle Medal

October 6, 2018 - Crystal Springs Invitational - Crystal Springs, Belmont - Story to come...  Crystal Springs Results    Crystal Springs Warmup    Crystal Springs Race Schedule (updated 10/4/18)    Crystal Springs Course Tour    Crystal Springs Meet Information

**Boys Sweep All Divisions...AGAIN!  JV Girls Winners, Varsity Girls 2nd**

*Varsity Boys Set Shadow Cliffs Team Time Record*

Shadow Cliffs All-Time List    Scott Bauhs All-Time List

September 29, 2018 - Scott Bauhs Invitational - Shadow Cliffs Regional Park, Pleasanton - The Dublin Gaels didn't have to travel far to get to the Scott Bauhs Invitational in Pleasanton. Unsuspecting walkers must have been startled to see a herd of freshman running towards them at 8:30 in the morning. The freshman boys team was able to pull off the elusive perfect score which they had barely missed the week prior, with Dublin athletes finishing 1st through 6th. With a 1-5 spread of just 16 seconds, the depth of this young team is not to be overlooked. This race, the curse of the freshman going the wrong way was passed onto Daniel Trampe (16:35.29), who succumbed to the confusing nature of the bright yellow caution tape just 50 meters to go. Adrian Tran (16:56.66) managed to out-kick another athlete with only a few meters to go due to the help of his teammates cheers, though he might not remember it because he passed out for a few seconds after.  Alexander Martinez (19:53.50) broke 20 minutes, staying under 6:45 mile pace on a course rife with turns and slopes. In the sophomore boys race, Tanish Kumar (16:31.12) kept his win streak going, finishing 1st in the race. Luke Wu (16:55.18) came in 3rd, just breaking 17 minutes and helping the sophomore boys finish 1st as a team. The JV boys were able to finish in 1st through 3rd place as well as from 6th through 9th place. In the JV race, Rohan Fonseka (16:16.59) kept his lead throughout most of the race, finishing 1st overall by a respectable 10 seconds. Matthew Kang (16:26.13) was behind him, getting 2nd after moving up during the second half of the race. Aristoteles Stassinopoulos (16:57.24) also had a great race, finishing 6th overall and 4th on the Dublin team and breaking the 17-minute mark. Andres Palma (17:42.17) was able to push himself despite the 20 second gap between him and the person in front of him at the end of the race, breaking the 18-minute mark and winning a shirt with his 9th place finish. Matthew Elises (18:57.58) had huge improvement from last year at the same course and was able to take the throne of fastest Elises back from his brother Francis Elises (for now). Victor Frank (20:24.85) was also able to PR on the course, and breaking 20 minutes on the course at EBAL Championships is within reach. The Varsity boys were able to have all of their 7 members finish in the top 16 overall. Christopher Middleton-Pearson (14:52.48) and Loic Scomparin (14:57.08) both went under the 15-minute mark, as parents and athletes watched the clock with their eyes wide and their mouths open. Kyle Elias (15:36.22) seemed to have figured out which flat he should put his chip on, finishing 9th place overall. After a hard week, the boys team was able to sweep all divisions, serving as a great source of inspiration for Clovis Invitational next week.

The girls team also had their fair share of success at Scott Bauhs. In the freshman girls race, Trisha Shangle (21:29.44) and Shriya Gupta (27:36.81) represented the Dublin Gaels. Trisha Shangle stayed competitive throughout the race and was able to secure 3rd place overall. Shriya Gupta set a strong personal record which she’ll try to beat during EBAL Championships at the same course. The sophomore girls race featured Sidney Tran (23:16.57), who was racing for the first time since track season. Maya Manesh (25:45.20) and Aneela Mocherla (27:52.96) both conquered the back hills. The JV girls were the MVP’s of the day, winning 1st as a team and having several outstanding performances. With the second place team just 5 points behind Dublin, every place was important. Haley Tjon (22:02.42) took 4th place in the race, moving up from her 5th place finish in the same race the previous year. Shelby Piegaro (23:08.32) and Rebecca Symmank (23:09.87) were neck and neck near the end of the race, but the Shelby Shuffle ultimately prevailed. Rebecca is known for her killer kicks, however, and she will be back with a vengeance at Clovis Invitational next week. Donya Sallak (23:44.96) also had a great race, finishing under 24 minutes and passing a large pack of girls near the end to earn 22nd place. The Varsity girls also made quite the statement at Scott Bauhs, with the team getting 2nd place overall and 3 members going under 20 minutes. Danielle Han (19:52) was able to race for the first time since the scrimmage. With the transition from recovery group to regular minutes, she should be able to get back into shape and start closing in on her personal records. Rylee Turpin(19:59.27) just made it under the 20-minute mark due to the huge moves that she made during the second half of the race. In her second varsity race, Katie Lai (20:25.37) was a scoring member of the team, finishing in 20th place overall and 4th on the team after a strong start and a strong finish. Overall, the Lady Gaels are picking up steam and are not to be overlooked going forward in the season.  Scott Bauhs Results    Scott Bauhs Evaluation Form    Scott Bauhs Warmup Schedule    Scott Bauhs Lineup (Update #2 @ 9/25/18 @ 10:30 PM)    Scott Bauhs Course Tour    Scott Bauhs Goals Form    Scott Bauhs Meet Information

Boys Sweep All 4 Divisions; JV Girls & 32 Individuals Medal!

September 15, 2018 - Farmer Invitational - Hayward High School, Hayward - 8:30 AM - Only two weeks after a scrimmage at the same course, the Dublin Gaels were back at Hayward High for the Farmer Invitational on 9/15/18. This time, though, all athletes were required to run the 3-mile course. The Girls team earned a total of 7 medals throughout the day. In the Frosh-Soph race, Trisha Shangle (21:24) wasn’t phased by the idea of a longer race, finishing in 17th place and earning Dublin’s first medal of the day. Isabel DuBois (26:19) ran a 3-mile course for her first cross country race, diving straight into the deep end. In the varsity girls race, Maia Marquez (18:45) put her mark on DXC by making it to #5 all-time for the 3-mile course. Maya Gurusiddaiah (21:11) was a solid 5th runner on the team, helping the varsity girls come within 1 second of their NCS team time in 2017. This race was an indication of the potential that this girls team has, especially since 6 out of the top 7 female athletes will be returning next year. The JV girls had an impressive showing, securing a 2nd place plaque. Shelby Piegaro (22:14) got 17th place in the race and was up and running (literally) after an untreated stress fracture led to a shortened track season. Sara Morrison (22:48) maintained the 25th position, scoring the last medal of the race and helping her team score as their 3rd finisher. In the Open race, Kayla Siedler got 28:16, despite being the only Lady Gael in the race.

The Boys team brought home a total of 25 medals and 4 team wins. The Frosh-Soph boys set the tone for the rest of the day, missing a perfect team score by just one point. From the start of the race, the Gaels were at the front of the pack. Tanish Kumar(16:29) won the race with the help of cheers from his old school, American High. Adrian Tran (16:40) came in at a strong second, even after going the wrong way for the second race in a row. The Turpin twins were back in action, with Cole (16:44) getting 3rd place and Josh (16:56) getting 6th. In the Varsity Boys race, Hunter Lampi (15:35.12) and Kyle Elias (15:35.14) were neck and neck at the finish line, earning 3rd and 4th place. Grayson Young (15:54) had a great comeback after a heel injury, breaking the 16-minute mark. The JV boys continued the winning streak with another powerful duo, Matthew Kang (16:27.25) and Sebastian Munoz-Arroyo (16:27.86), coming 1st and 2nd. Andres Palma (17:36) had an outstanding performance, making moves throughout the second and third miles to help lead his team to 1st place. In the Open Boys race, Peter Dang (17:57), Gage Vickers (18:24), and Patrick Delgado (18:31) finished 3rd, 6th, and 9th respectively, all three making great pushes on the final hill to keep their position. Brian Lin (19:05) had a strong final mile, just missing the 19-minute mark. Miguel Endaya (19:36), in a classic freshman move, was leading the open race for the first 400 meters before settling into his pace and improving his average mile pace by 18 seconds from the scrimmage. DXC has to keep the enthusiasm and positive energy from Farmer Invitational as they go back to training until Scott Bauhs in 2 weeks.  Farmer Results    Farmer Warmup    Farmer Lineup    Farmer Goals Form    Hayward High School Course Tour    Hayward High School Course Map    Hayward High School All-Time List    Farmer Meet Information

Woodbridge Invitational - The Varsity Boys competed in the 2018 Woodbridge Invitational in Southern California, racing against some of the best teams and individuals in the nation. Loic Scomparin (14:07.1) finished 4th in the fastest race of the night, averaging an impressive 4:42 mile and beating former Gael Adrian Shroeder’s time of 14:09 from 2017. Surya Marimuthu(14:59.2) was Dublin’s third finisher, breaking 15 minutes on the course known for its sharp turns. Nile Desta (15:48.5) stepped up to be Dublin’s #5 runner and last scoring member.  Woodbridge Results

Boys Win 4 of 5 Divisions; Birthday Girl Marquez Wins 1st Race!

September 8, 2018 - Ed Sias invitational - Hidden Valley Park, Martinez - Dublin Cross Country made quite the statement their annual appearance at the 2018 Ed Sias Invitational. On the boy's side, the day started with the Frosh/Soph limited race, where the Dublin boys won with an outstanding score of 36 (despite going the wrong way). Led by Daniel Trampe (11:14), who got second place in the race, freshmen Suvan Shangle (11:20) and Vincent Giannini (11:26) were also able to finish in the top 10 and earn some cool swag at their first race. The future of DXC is looking bright in the hands of these talented young athletes. Next came the Boys Frosh Unlimited, where Everett Sundstrom (12:46) and Kai Lin (12:50) finished back-to-back, just as they usually do in practices and workouts. Martin Cao and Armaan Singh (both 15:00.8), were neck and neck at the finish line, barely going over the 15-minute mark. The Boys Varsity Large School race came after, with Dublin dominating the field despite the absence of their number one runner and sicknesses that occurred during the week. Christopher Middleton-Pearson (10:04) won the race, with teammate Surya Marimuthu (10:31) coming in at 4th place. Rohan Fonseka (10:42) had an outstanding race as number 3 on the Dublin team and number 8 overall, after being on the edge of varsity after the Hayward Scrimmage. Kyle Morrison (10:50) and Darren Furtado (10:58) were also able to finish before the 11-minute mark, resulting in all 5 of Dublin’s scoring members in the top 13 overall. Their performance at Ed Sias is only the first step in achieving the big goals that they have for this season. The Junior Varsity race showed just how deep the Dublin boys team is. The performances of Nile Desta (11:06) and Ari Stassinopoulos (11:19), are a testament to their hard work over the summer and at practice. Gabriel Schroeder (11:23), Sebastian Munoz Arroyo (11:30), Matthew Kang (11:45), and Vince Tan (11:47), all finished in the top 11, proving that the class of 2020 is still on the rise. Even after a long day of waiting, the Boys Frosh-Soph and Junior Varsity Unlimited won with the lowest team score of the day, just 25 points. Dublin athletes made up 3rd through 7th place, led by the sophomore trio of Jaden Valle (12:26), Ryan Seidler (12:32), and Conor Woofter (12:37). Patrick-Bruce Sargent (14:15) displayed amazing improvement, finishing more than 3 minutes faster than his 2017 performance. After winning multiple individual and team awards, the Dublin boys team definitely made it clear that they are a force to be reckoned with.  The Lady Gaels had great performances at Hidden Valley Park as well. The day started off with the Girls Frosh-Soph limited race, which featured DXC’s newest female athletes in their first ever cross country race. Maia Marquez (13:05) won the race (on her birthday!) by almost 25 seconds, proving to be an amazing addition to the girls team. Katie Lai (14:31) was a strong second finisher for the Dublin team, putting herself in a position to race varsity in the future. The next girls race of the day was the Girls Varsity Large School Limited. Even after a last-minute switch from JV to Varsity, Haley Tjon(15:14) was able to finish as a scoring member of the team. Rylee Turpin (13:49), showed that she was just as good on the trail as the track where she usually sprints, finishing first for Dublin in the race and in under 14 minutes. Skylar La (14:43) improved by over 1 minute from last year, an indication that this season is going to be full of personal records. After battling multiple injuries, Brittany Brunckhorst (15:22) made an inspiring return in her first cross country race in almost a year. The day ended for the girls team with the Junior Varsity limited race. Rebecca Symmank (16:27) also improved by over 1 minute, and Donya Sallak (17:26) and Natasha Jimenez (17:30) both had personal records despite injuries during the week. Emily Que (18:48) had a strong finish in her first cross country race, out-kicking several athletes as she made her way to the finish line. After a long and tiring day, Dublin Cross Country athletes left Hidden Valley Park with a sense of pride in all of their accomplishments during the day and a desire to make the rest of the season count.
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Forward Motion 11th Annual XC Weekend & 1/2 Price Sale

August 25 & 26, 2018 - XC Weekend & 1/2 Price Sale - Forward Motion Sports, Danville - Great deals on 2018 XC flats, shoes and other products!  Purchase any two (2) pairs of shoes and receive a 15% discount off the entire purchase (this is a special offer for our team as the regular high school discount is 10% off shoes only).  Forward Motion will donate 5% of all purchases back to our cross country program.  FREE gift with purchase on all flats (while supplies last) and FREE nutrition and sport drink samples.  Just a reminder that everyone on the team is required to have a new pair of trainers and racing flats for the upcoming season so this is a great deal for both pairs of shoes!  Forward Motion Flyer

August 23, 2018 - Scrimmage vs. Bishop O’Dowd, Hayward & Miramonte - Hayward High School - Girls @ 4:00 PM, Boys @ 4:30 PM - All student athletes will be dismissed from class at 1:55 PM and will be traveling via bus to and from Hayward High School provided by DHS.  Scrimmage Results  Scrimmage Photos  Hayward High School 2.25 Mile Course Map    Hayward High School Course Tour    Hayward High School Scrimmage All-Time List

August 22, 2018 - PE Exemption Meeting - DHS Old Gymnasium - Lunch - This is a mandatory meeting for any sophomores, juniors and seniors currently participating in cross country who want to earn an Athletic PE exemption.

August 13, 2018 - 1st Official Practice - 3:15 PM - All student athletes must be cleared by this time.  Athletic Clearance

Nutrition Form - Our strength and conditioning coach Rob Blackwell has had a few of our student athletes ask for nutrition advice and can build custom meal programs for each individual student athlete if they so choose.  Please only fill out the form if you are actually planning on using it.  Nutrition Form    Contact Coach Blackwell

July 12, 2018 - 2-mile Time Trial - Emerald Glen Park, Dublin - 2-mile Emerald Glen Park Time Trial Results

Cross Country/Track & Field Incoming Freshman Athlete/Parent Information Night

May 29, 2018 - Dublin High School Library - 6:00 PM - Any incoming freshman interested in running cross country in the Fall and or track & field in the Spring, there will be an informational meeting on Tuesday, May 29 at 6:00 PM in the Dublin High School library.  The preliminary season schedule, the summer training schedule and other items will be included in the presentation.  Contact Coach Williams at for more information.

Cross Country 2018 Student Athlete Meeting

May 3, 2018 - Any interested student athletes in running cross country in the Fall, there will be a meeting on Thursday, May 3 at 3:35 PM in the Student Union.  The preliminary season schedule, the summer training schedule and other items will be included in the presentation.  See Coach Kleinow, Coach Vidrio or contact Coach Williams at for more information.